Product Management

I’m the product manager in Typeform responsible for delivering the new building experience of our platform. On a daily basis I work with 4 developers, 2 QA, 1 scrum master, 1 UI designer, and 1 UX designer.

I have a strong focus on the ‘What‘ and ‘Why‘ while the other team members are focusing on the ‘How’. I communicate the vision and prioritise what the engineers should build. When evaluating features to build I look at 4 parameters: Reach, Impact, Effort and Risk.

Product Management100%
Product Design0%
Web Development0%


Make it simple, stupid.
As a product manager your job is to solve the customer’s problem in the simplest way possible. Often time this means trimming rather than adding.

Ownership means ownership
Idea, prioritising, details, communications, stakeholders, launch, demo, measuring. Taking ownership of the product is the most important thing.

Prioritise based on several parameters
Impact, Reach, Effort and Risk are important criteria to take into account when deciding what features to build.

Promote team spirit and velocity will come
It’s not about being the fastest team initially. It’s about working well together and working as a team. Speed will come.

Build value for the users
It doesn’t matter how great your engineering organisation is if the PM doesn’t give the engineers something valuable, usable and feasible to build.


Unicorn growth
We are on the path the become a unicorn with a triple, triple, double, double, double growth rate. How do we do this? Delivering value to the users.

Leading Typeform V2
Together with the team I’m responsible for a major priority in Typeform – launching the V2 building experience.

Stakeholder management
Successfully managing stakeholders from customer success, growth, UX and others to make sure we are all aligned moving forward with Typeform V2.

Raising money
We raised a Series A in September 2015 and are looking to raise a B round in 2017. I came in as #65 and now we are more than 200 talented people.

Helping interns
I’m responsible for helping interns get an understanding of how we do product management in Typeform. Having a process in place allow interns to create value sooner.