CEO and Product Design

Co-founder and designer at Founderdocs delivering an easy-to-use legal document builder for startups and small businesses. Legal documents are expensive and most documents are built from existing templates from a lawyer. We have partnered with a handful of lawyers to automate this process.

I have designed the platform, written some of the front-end code and managed the development process from the early beginning. Check out the design here.

Product Management100%
Product Design100%
Web Development15%
Image of the login page for Founderdocs
Founderdocs' marketing website frontpage
Testimonials collected while doing Founderdocs
The builder to make legal documents for Founderdocs


You need industry experts
Launching a business without a team member that is an expert in the industry is a challenge. Industry knowledge is key.

Always estimate the market size
Estimate the market size before entering any new business. Niche is good but it can also be too narrow.

Build high-quality code
Spending time on quality code makes you run faster in the long run. Always. MVPs can be hacks. Products cannot.

Build a business – not a user base
Building a business is better than building a user base. Paying users means happy customers that understands the value you deliver.

Test as quick as you can
Ghetto testing is a perfectly valid way to test hypotheses fast and without spending too much time on development.


We had a lean approach
First document was sold before any code and development was started. Good way of validating concepts.

We delivered high-quality code
We have a high quality codebase with extensive testing, which enables fast development going forward.

Effective marketing channels
Our marketing strategy is scalable, which means that $1 spent equals more than $1 in revenue.

We create significant value
We have a bunch of happy customers that would have defaulted to bad options if we weren’t around. We are delivering more value than customers pay for.

Solid partnerships
We have partnered with some of the most influential incubators and startup organisations in Denmark to make legal documents easier.