Daily UI Challenge

Product Design

Participated in the popular ‘Daily UI Challenge’ on Dribbble with the aim of delivering 1 design a day for 20 days and sharpening my skills as a designer. Every morning you are given topic for a design and you have the freedom to design it as you want. You are allowed 1 hour to complete the design and then upload it to Dribbble.

You can read more about the Daily UI Challenge here.

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Product Design100%
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UI Challenge Day 16
UI Challenge Day 14
UI Challenge Day 6
UI Challenge Day 7
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UI Challenge Day 20
UI Challenge Day 2


Creativity can’t be forced
Coming up with new and unique ideas everyday for 20 days is a challenge with a time box of 1 hour. Some days you have it immediately. Other days it takes time.

Colors are important
Choosing colors for your designs is an important skill for any designer. I have invested heavily in courses on this topic to become better.

Spacing matters
If you want to learn product design I believe that the 80/20 rule lies in spacing and colors. If you have colors and spacing sorted you are 80% of the way.

Chose images carefully
Images can make your designs stand out. Poorly chosen pictures has a negative effect on the final outcome whereas well chosen images takes you to the next level.

Sketch is awesome
I design in Sketch after years in Illustrator. It’s the lightweight and flexible alternative that the design industry has been looking for.

UI Challenge Day 12
UI Challenge Day 4
UI Challenge Day 15
UI Challenge Day 18


Completed 20 days
Delivering 1 design in 1 hour for 20 days in a row is a challenge. Establishing a morning routine made it doable.

Job offers in the process
I have been contacted by several companies offering design positions or freelance work. I appreciate the recognition for my work.

I have become a better designer
I feel like I have improved my skills as a product designer by forcing myself to come up with new designs 20 days in a row.

Part of the community
I have been in contact with talented designers from all around the world to ask for advice and sharpen my skills. Thanks for all the help.